Pindad Panser from Indonesia

The news and information of military and state defense topics of Indonesia, my beloved country, are the ones that I really interested in and care. This is kinda field that I wanna mostly surf in the web. The most interesting topic is military main system armament of Indonesia (=alutsista-excuse me for mistranslation). In related with that topic, there some strategic state owned companies that design and manufacture some military equipment for Indonesian armed forces. Generally for military related, PT Pindad concentrates in combat rifle/gun, combat vehicle, artillery, bullets/explosive and other accessories, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (formerly is PT Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara-IPTN) concentrates in aerial and aeronautical products such as fixed and rotary wing aircraft, PT PAL concentrates in combat vessel and associated nautical/marine products, PT Dahana concentrates in ammunition and explosives products, PT LEN concentrates in electronics and associated software products and so on.

There was an updated news about Pindad panser recently. A Pindad made panser is the one that makes me proud of. Finally our state owned company from Bandung can make a tremendous product that can contest with other foreign heavy military vehicle. Long enough I have heard regarding that project and still waiting for the latest updates for Pindad panser.

In Indo Defence & Aerospace Exhibition, November 2008, in Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, East Jakarta there was surprising show to me that the newest panser of Pindad in my opinion had a great difference and improvement with previously reported. It is a panser with 90 mm caliber canon. This canon panser was made in similar base with previously reported 6×6 panser that already been tested, commissioned and performed several dynamic demos in front of vice president of Indonesia during that exhibition. The newest type of Pindad panser will be tested and commissioned as soon as in 2009.

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 02

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 03

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 04

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 06 (UN)

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 07

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 11

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 08

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 09


pindad 01

pindad 02

panser pindad 6x6-biasa 01

Pindad’s source stated, a recent demand of the canon panser is to provide the cavalry brigade of the army (TNI-AD) and the amount is only 20’s units up to now. Pindad has finished the first prototype which was shown in this Indo Defence. “Now we are just waiting for engine installation,” said Tri Hardjono, Director of Development and Planning in Pindad’s booth to Angkasa.

panser pindad 6x6-canon 02

panser pindad 6x6-canon 03

panser pindad 6x6-canon 05

panser pindad 6x6-canon 01

Pindad panser uses Renault diesel engine, inline 6 Cylinder 320 HP turbo charger inter-cooler. It is not only equipped with primary weapon 90 mm caliber but also completed with coaxial 7.62 mm automatic heavy gun.

Pindad panser has 6.0 m long x 2.5 m wide x 2.9 m high body dimension. This combat vehicle can be driven up to 600 km tour distance. Maximum speed is 90 km/hour with turning radius is 10 m. Other support equipment on this combat vehicle are NVG (night vision goggle) and 6 tons winch.

In early May 2009, some of Pindad pansers have been delivered to TNI-AD of  total 154 units that must be finished in April 2010.

Credit to Angkasa Magazine, Karbol & militaryphotos.

4 Responses to Pindad Panser from Indonesia

  1. Ara Ricardo says:

    Bravo Indonesia..
    Go to Glory..

  2. Mochammad Husein says:

    i hope in the future this program will be continued with the prestigius development program such as build our own made main battle tank. and also i hope that pindad would joined with LAPAN to explore about the ballistic missile, minimal for our own defence from the air strike in close range for surely, cause we know that there’s limitation in that case. but how ever i still proud of this product. by the way i want to join in your company as an employee. can i?.cause i really wanted to be the gun maker.

  3. septian says:

    ok jg cannon tp penghancur tank gak! jaya indonesia

  4. monggomampir says:

    kena bedil metis dan igla manspad bisa bojrol ya

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