Indonesian Dream: Guided Missile Escort Ship

Republic of Indonesia (RI) is the country that lies on equator line, in between India and Pacific ocean and consists of more than 17 thousand islands that spreads in distance equals to LA and New York distance. With that specific condition and its importance related to international business and politics path, the maritime power of Indonesia has big challenge related to new emerging powers that surrounds the country, the pirates problems againts Indonesian armed force’s litlle budget.

Indonesia anyway must compromise between their need to lift economy development because still many people classified as poor class citizen (cited from Biro Pusat Statistic-Statistic Center Bueareu, as of 2006, an estimated 17.8% of the population live below the US 1.08 consumption/day or World Bank’s poverty line, 49.0% of the population live on less than US$2 per day and unemployment rate at 9.75%) and the nation security (c.q. nation pride). To compromise those goals, recently there are many ideas to develop our own strategic state companies by small research works through retrofits and clone the old or unserviced armaments, trial and error works, transfer of technology (ToT) and licensed agreements. One of Indonesian dream is to build state of the art vessel in our factory, in our teritory.  PT PAL as the only realiable strategic stae company of Indonesia that bases in Surabaya City has the chalenge to do it. PT Pal goes with their stronger proposal to plan (if yet not to build) Indonesian corvette with some helps of more developed industrial countries with upgraded program to be “guided missile escort ship” (after fail on ToT agreement upon production 3rd and 4th Sigma class corvette in Surabaya from Royal Schelde Naval Shipbuilding Vlissingen-Netherland).

Until now, the national corvette slogan among the military community and enthusiastic people in Indonesia is very popular. Yes, it is one of the ideas of Indonesia government to provide high technology strategic armament independently within country. It slogan heard for the first time since 2004. Principally, at that moment, that battleship had overall length 80 meters. If to be compared, that vessel equal to KRI Fatahillah (361), a Dutch made vessel.

Guided Missile Escort-PAL 02

Guided Missile Escort-PAL 03

Guided Missile Escort-PAL 01

TNI AL as a user welcomed seriously and with enthusiasm, and if that program worked smoothly, in 2006 the design would be expanded to be frigate class ship design, with overall length about 104 meters and would be assisted by ship builder from Italy, Fincantierri.

A change happened again. The hull length was lengthened to be 105 meters and the program is renamed to be Guided Missile Escort 105 meters or kapal Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR) as more popular name among the TNI AL (Navy) community. The idea came from the possibility to equip the ship with bigger caliber gun. That ship has already current design trend with stealth concept. Particular corners at the vessel body have been designed by means of scientific calculation to deflect opponent radar signal optimally. The design also includes the elimination of open area as existed in conventional vessel and design of stealth tower and smokestack of the ship.

For the engine will use same concept as Sigma class ship has, that is Combination Diesel and Diesel (CODAD). For the weapon, the main one is positioned in frontage of the ship and another is on behind the main weapon for underwater mortar. Shifting backward, particularly on the ship platform there will be anti-aircraft missile Sinbad or Aspide class (air-to air missile). Similar system also designed in the back close to superstructure or helicopter deck. There will be also torpedo launcher on both sides.

Credit to: Karbol, militaryphotos, Angkasa Magazine, etc.


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