Hard Situation for Indonesian Soldiers

Indonesia is the biggest country in ASEAN, comprises of thousand islands, with huge population more than 230 millions citizen, uneven wealth distribution and its associated problem. We consider some potential strengths with abundant nature resources and manpower/market that create the highest GDP among ASEAN countries, but it is not enough for country like Indonesia. Indonesia now has to pay debt resulted from previous dictatorship and maintain if not improve the existing condition in any field of country live that spread and separated among thousand island. We can imagine for country like Malaysia and Thailand with smaller land area and much simpler link between their regions, they can buy more luxurious and sophisticated material/equipment and build more luxurious construction such as international airport class than Indonesia can afford now.

Those conditions also apply to main armament of Indonesian armed forces. There is no bright hope for us to fund some procurements regarding the new war equipment with sufficient amount. Instead of having newer class of submarines and warships,  that converting from buyer solely to be licenced producer or nation with technology transferred capability that meaning Indonesia must be a big buyer first, up to now Indonesia is still struggling with fundamental economics problem. In recent budget, from more than Rp 120 trillion (= USD 12 billion) of defense budget, only been approved about Rp 33 trillion (= USD 3.3 billion) with about Rp 26 trillion (=USD 2.6 billion) spent for routine cost for soldiers’s wage and pension. With only Rp 7 trillion (=USD 0.7 billion) for 2009, guess what happen with our main armament refreshment?

There were many alarms to this situation, unnecessary fallen soldiers without battle is very very disappointed and disgrace the country, not only for inside TNI but also for whole nation elements, like myself. They were very high national potential asset that this country had. Examples of that disgraced problem can be mentioned as follows: sunk tanks, fallen fokker, training aircraft and some hercules fatal accidents.  Somebody may say the strong soldier does not depend highly on the equipment he holds, but comes from his spirit. it is kind of bullshit that relating to recent world. No other soldier act as gothic or crusade soldier era that stand much on his bravery and spirit. Now, no one can put aside the importance of the equipment. It is quite true for the navy and air force that both are heavy with good and sophisticated equipment elements. I strongly disagree and disappointed if that statement comes from high level armed forces officer … it is like fooling our mind … come on general …

Let us imagine, if one soldier rated as 3 regular citizens and one special force member rated as 3 regular soldiers, how many asset we have been suffered from their lost … not considering how sorrowful their family. Why the elite politicians and their cronies in presidential and legislative office not aware about this? Or they just lift their image prior to general election by cutting the armed forces budget to other sectors of development without good order or mitigation acts? Or we have to supress all big dream to build enough deterrence power with just spare the available budget to maintain and extend the life of our old weak armament? Or we have to boost all domestic built war armaments with our own state companies, again with little support from government support? Or it just resulted from weak and stupid defense minister that can explain the existing condition in detail to president and legislative member as been rumorred? Those questions must be addressed to the nation’s elite today.

Open the investigation result, open the real fact to open the hearth of all nation’s elements and do not just please the boss! Do not sacrifice our soldiers in their doomed fate!!!


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