LAPAN is Planning to Launch RX-420 Rocket on July 02, 2009

LAPAN is planning to launch rocket RX-420 for the first time on July 02, 2009. RX-420 is the milestone of the next Indonesian indigenous satellite orbital launching vehicle program.

That  special news was released by Research and Technology Minister Kusmayanto Kadiman, in Jakarta, Thursday, June 11, 2009. Minister in meeting session with Commission VII of Indonesian Parliament said that RX-420 launching with 100 kms distance will be conducted by LAPAN because they had already successfully launched experimental rocket RX-320 in 2008. He added that RX-420 basically has more power than RX-320 and may be boosted up to 190 kms if the rocket structure weight is lighter.

“Its cruise range equivalent to distance between Jakarta to Bandar Lampung”, said Kadiman. The rocket launching plan will be extended in the same year (2010) by launching combined RX-420-420 and in 2011 for combined RX-420-420 – 320 and SOB 420.

In 2014, all experimental rocket launchings should be finished and the rockets must be ready to carry nano satellite with height about 300 kms and speed 7.8 kms/sec. “If we make it happens, it will be monumental achievement as a very special gift from LAPAN to the country”, said Kadiman again.

Meanwhile, LAPAN Chairman, Adi Sadewo, also informed that LAPAN previously has done trial on two-stage rocket launching RX-150-120 supported by TNI-AD (Indonesian Army) and PT Pindad. Rocket with cruise distance 24 kms has successfully been launched from moving vehicle (Pindad Panser) on March 31, 2009 –> VERY GOOD NEWS!!!


LAPAN also has performed rocket launching trial of RX-D230 (RX-122) with cruise distance 14 kms that can be released from tube launcher on May 05, 2009. That rocket has main function to know the field condition prior to deploying marine soldier to the beach.

Another report gathered today, LAPAN also working with several institutions for flash arrester rocket project to protect important facility and working for artificial rain maker rocket project.

Taken from Kompas, Thursday, June 11, 2009 , kaskus


4 Responses to LAPAN is Planning to Launch RX-420 Rocket on July 02, 2009

  1. indomil says:

    Many local military enthusiasts/observers in Indonesia believe that the rocket development of Indonesian LAPAN is being spied and watched carefully … and we are here in Indonesia also believe that Indonesia now has become one of the only few rocket countries in the world that must be halted or sabotage if the development is too advance. However, with the independence on rocket fuel, telemetry, software, semiconductor and the required material for the rocket, LAPAN will not be interfered by any other organization/institution/country and immediately can succeed the Indonesian’s Dream and soar the Indonesian’s Majesty to the world.

  2. Bonski says:

    Congratulation to LAPAN, Long Live Indonesia. We must have ground to ground missiles (medium range 100-500 kms and long range 6500km) for TNI because these missiles will close TNI’s gap in Alutista (Alat utama sistem senjata terpadu) in which TNI has struggled to acquire. Why do we need long range missiles. Because we need to calculate how to hit Canberra (the capital city of Australia which is +/- 6000 km from Indonesia). because up to now, Royal Australian Air Force can bomb Medan with its F111 without refueling if the bombers (F111) fly from Darwin. Those missiles will also act as a “balance of power” for our beloved nation Indonesia.

  3. purwoko says:

    saya senang lapan mampu mengembangkan roketya,kedepan kita pengen lapan mampu membuat rudal jelajah 6000km

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