Interoperability-Field Training Exercise (FTX-IIP) Marine Exercise (MAREX 2009), East Java, Indonesia

October 23, 2009


The marines of Indonesia (Korps Marinir-TNI AL) and the United States (USMC) conducted a joint amphibious landing exercise at the Banongan Beach, Asembagus, Situbondo in East Java on Sunday, the national Antara news agency reported. The exercise, called the Interoperability-Field Training Exercise (FTX-IIP) Marine Exercise (MAREX 2009), was in a series of Joint Exercises held by the Indonesian and the U.S. Marine Corps. MAREX 2009 is a multi-lateral training exercise designed to enhance interoperability and communication between the U.S. and Indonesia militaries.


Alfan Baharudin, Commander of the Indonesian Marine Corps, said in the opening remarks of the exercise that the Indonesian-American Marine Corps joint exercises had succeeded in increasing cooperation between the two. “Indusa (Indonesia-USA) MAREX 2009 exercise which involved 1,300 personnel from both countries, is a large scale joint exercise ever held by the Indonesian and American Marines,” he said, adding that he expected both Marine Corps would work together to learn, so as to increase personnel capabilities.



According to him, the Indonesian Marines will gain new knowledge about city war (Marine Operations Urban Terrain) in the exercises, while the U.S. Marines will have knowledge of the system used in forest battle.


“Indonesia is an important partner and the ARG/MEU team looks forward to this opportunity to work with TNI and local officials,” said Commodore Rodney Clark, the ARG commander. “This is a great opportunity to build an even stronger relationship between our countries.” USMC embarked aboard Cleveland and Rushmore from the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit will integrate with Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) and local residents during military-to-military engagement opportunities as well as engineering, medical and dental civic action projects. Navy medical and dental teams aboard Cleveland and Rushmore are scheduled to augment local providers offering services ashore to local residents.

The exercise held in Selogiri Forest, Banyuwangi Residence, East Java (Jawa Timur) with one of them was jungle patrol & survival. The weather was clear and became hotter in the middle of the day. Hundreds of USMC marines were enthusiastic and ready with their full gears like preparing for the real battle action.

Selogiri forest is ideal tropical forest that is very suitable for military exercise and has characteristic to be able for the troops to do some maneuvers while taking jungel war. The trees quite packed with sound of sparkling water and birds welcame the US marines entered the field they not familiar with it. “Show me the jungle,” said one of the marines to a guide from Indonesian marines Serma. Mar. M. Ani Rosidin.

For detail, this first session of survival exercise followed by 362 US marines and guided by 16 trainers, 3 interpreters, 4 communication personnel, 5 recon marines with all from Indonesian marines.

This joint exercise is commanded by Colonel Mar. Nur Alamsyah and held in 4 locations, Banongan Beach, Marines Training Center of Marinir-TNI AL Karangtekok-Situbondo, Pasewaran and Selogiri Forest, Banyuwangi, all in East Java Province.



From 362 US marines, for jungle survival picnic, divided into 2 groups with each group divided into 5 teams, guided and supported by trainers and doctors from Korps Marinir-TNI AL. Some handicaps and mines were installed and some sound of explosive units were heard during this session. Before entering this jungle war exercise session, the US marine had been given the basic knowledge regarding the technique how to survive in the jungle, like how to select, eat and treat the forest fruit/plant and some wild tropical animals like snake. Each group must survive within 4 days without logistic in this session.

Because of the hot temperature and challenging trail, reported 10 US marines were exhausted and must get evacuated from this Indonesian marine training field by medical team during this exercise.



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