LAPAN Tested Rockets for Guided Rocket Prototype

Monday (Nov 22, 2010), LAPAN successfully tested flight-test of five experimental rockets with diameter of 200 mm and 100 mm in LAPAN rocket launch station, Pameungpeuk, Garut, West Java. Fifth rocket carrying cargo Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate the rocket. According to LAPAN senior staff, Ir. Yus Kadarusman Markis, Dipl. Ing., Flight testing is not only to know the position of the rocket, but also tested the function of separation systems and sustainer.

Beside GPS load, each rocket also carried other cargo missions. For RX-200 rocket carrying cargo of tracking radar, which is a tool to identify where rockets is located (counting the distance using radio frequencies set of three point ground station). Meanwhile, rocket RWX-200 and rocket-100, are installed with separation system and sustainer system functions as a second rocket.

Ir. Hermayudi Irwanto, M. Eng. added, rocket RWX-200 is a further development of the RWX-100. And all of these rockets go well according to the phases that have been planned. For the rocket RTX-100, tested for its folded wing system. The purpose of this test to find out the opening of the wing control system starting from a closed state and the stability of the wing once it is opened.

Furthermore, for the rocket RKX-200, he explained, the purpose of testing is to emphasize the detection of system rocket maneuvering, from the roll (roll), pitch (nod), and yaw (shake) of the rocket movement during sliding.

For all of these LAPAN experiment rockets flight tests, Yus Kadarusman added, “All data obtained were running well. Of course, this still remains to be developed further in order to obtain more optimal results.”

One Response to LAPAN Tested Rockets for Guided Rocket Prototype

  1. JOGLOHosting says:

    it is cool !
    Go LAPAN…

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