Barter between Anoa Panser and Malaysian Car

June 19, 2010

On June 09, 2010, Jakarta, Minister of Trade of Indonesia, MS Hidayat, told that thru PT Pindad (Persero) Indonesia has got order from Malaysia to manufacture Anoa panser with the value up to US$ 80 millions. With this order from Malaysia, apparently Indonesian military industries has showed theirs quality indigenous products have been recoginesed by other countries.

However in this offer, there is a condition from Malaysia that Indonesian counterpart must do trade off with Malaysian product, that is a barter agreement about 25% from that total with Malaysian Proton car.

Director General of Transportation and Telematics of Industrial Ministry, Budi Dharmadi informed that his office is calculating the value of the trade off products and sedan cars from Proton will be used as taxi fleet by Indonesian private companies that willingly to acquire those products from Malaysia. Budi said that his office only facilitate that trade off process and the further process will be pure bussiness to bussiness dealing. He added, this trade off will give benefit to both sides, especially for Pindad panser that will gain broad recognition. One of the recognition is from UN peacekeeping mission. Since April 2010, about 13 Anoa pansers has been deployed to Lebanon as armor personnel vehicle of Unifil Indonesian contingent.

Meanwhile, the realization of the agreement is on going discussed.


2nd Delivery of Pindad Panser, July 2009

July 11, 2009

Source:,, Pikiran Rakyat,, antara.

After some cancellations, finally President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) witnessed and inaugurated 40 Pindad panser delivery ceremony in Bandung, on Friday, July 10, 2009. At this time, Pindad over handed Anoa pansers to TNI-AD through Defense Office. This was a second delivery from Pindad after 20 pansers at first delivery and will be followed more 40 pansers until the end of this year as informed by Pindad CEO, Adik Alvianto.

panser 2

panser 1

panser 3

panser 4

panser 5

panser 6

panser 7

panser 8

panser 9

panser 9a

Manufacturing 6 x 6 Anoa Panser by Pindad for total 154 units is a realization Rp 1.26 T (US$ 120M) contract between Pindad and Defense Ministry. This contract scheduled will be targeted to be finished its delivery in 2010, with 100 units in 2009 and remaining 54 units will be delivered in 2010 that consists of 50 regular 6 x 6 Anoa pansers and 4 units with 4 x 4 configuration for recon unit. The specs of these pansers are use Renault engine, 6 m long x 2.5 m wide x 2.5-2.9 high, 11 – 14 tonnes weight, monocoque armored w/ STANAG 4569 level 3, 12.7 machine gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher as main armament, power 320 HP and speed 90 km/h, electronic component such as radio and anti jamming. Mostly, all components have been produced by local factories, such as steel by cooperation with Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and PT Krakatau Steel (KS), electronics parts from PT LEN and now researching with Texmaco (Indonesian local private machine & truck manufacturer) for gearbox and engines for future plan.

At this time, former 4-star general, SBY took a ride on 6 x 6 Pindad panser for 1 km pass from CN-235 hangar to Management Center Building of PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI). This delivery ceremony was held in DI instead of in Pindad’s yard was because there was no sufficient plenty room in Pindad to deal with 40 pansers line up during ceremony.

This indigenous project by Pindad is an evidence that Indonesian industries have reached the advanced industry standard, especially for military specification. Hopefully, for next development, Pindad and with other Indonesian counterparts and most importantly with government’s support (budget availability related) can create other creative products such as canon multi-wheeled vehicle, armored tracked vehicle and amphibious carrier with high worldwide standard as national pride and independence in Indonesian main armament system.

Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) Again Won The Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM) 2009 after 2008 Winning

June 4, 2009

by Major (Inf) M. Asmi, taken from and from (and translated by Indomil)

Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM) 2009 was shooting competition and it was the 24th time has been organized by Australian Army with its purpose is to measure soldier’s professionalism on marksmanship shooting. In 2009, they invited and finally attended by armed forces from 10 Asian Pacific neighborhood countries, European and Commonwealth countries, including TNI-AD (Indonesian Army).

Prior to this recent participation in this year, TNI-AD has involved in this AASAM competition three times, first in 1995 in Canungra, Queensland, second in 2005 in Singleton, NSW and then in 2008 in Puckapunyal, Victoria. During those competitions,  some competition materials has been applied that strongly challenge soldier’s marksmanship shooting and particularly  in 2009, committee created combat shooting challenge.

As per commanding letter from Army Staff Chief number: Sprin/677/IV/2009, dated on April 15, 2009 about an order to follow AASAM 2009 in Australia, 15 Indonesian Army soldiers went to Puckapunyal Victoria Australia. The detail for international contingents as follows: Australia (1 contingent), Brunei (1 contingent), Canada (2 contingents), Indonesia (1 contingent), Malaysia (1 contingent), New Zealands (1 contingent), New Guinea (1 contingent), Philippine (1 contingent), Singapore (1 contingent) and UK (1 contingent) –> total 11 contingents.

aasam 2009 a

Each contingent consisted of 15 personals that comprised of 10 shooters and 5 officials.  Indonesian team was led by Let. Col (Inf) Tandyo Budi R. This competition had 41 matches consisted of 16 on riffle, 7 on pistol, 5 on SO, 5 on SO & riffle, and 8 on overall combination. With total 41 matches, therefore there were 41 medals for gold, silver and bronze respectively.

There were some obstacles and challenges faced by Indonesian team related to quick weather changes in Puckapunyal, that was cold air in Puckapunyal and surrounding area which on fall season at that time in May 2009 with detail as follows: night to morning in between 0 – 10 deg C and daytime to evening in between 5 – 18 deg C.  It also worsened by windy cold air, with speed ranging from 5 – 20 knots. To overcome those conditions for tropical team like TNI-AD, team did exercise to warm and condition the body, set the telescope referred to wind condition and used distributed jacket to cover from cold weather.

aasam 2009 c SS2-V4_ID2008

aasam 2009 b


AASAM 2009 in Puckapunyal, Victoria Australia which attended by several unit from Australian Armed Forces and International contingents, has been conducted safely, orderly, smoothly, sportive and well. All contingents has understood the mean of sportivity of this competition, either in individual level or among the contingents. Again like in AASAM 2008, TNI-AD contingent got very good job and proudly achieved the best overall champion in this AASAM 2009. It is an factual evident that TNI-AD has a very high good standard that comes not only from their effective training (their own sole skill) but also contributed from the Indonesian made riffle quality, SS2 V-4 from PT PINDAD. TNI-AD got most gold medals from this competition (59%), 42% silver medals and 39% bronze medals from 41 matches.

Jakarta Military Command (KODAM Jaya) Anti Terror Drill using Pindad Panser

June 4, 2009

by RubenLaden (taken from

Indonesia soldiers take position during as security drill to fight against possible terrorist attack in the capital Jakarta on June 3, 2009. A couple of hundreds Indonesian soldiers from the Jakarta Military Command (KODAM Jaya) along with Indonesian anti-terror police put their professional skills on display in a city with a history of past terrorist bombings, including the Marriott hotel in August, 2003. During this drill, they used Anoa Pindad Panser as their military all-wheel drive vehicle.